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Are you a professional artist?

We’ve been helping book cover designers sell more covers since 2013! Here’s how:

  1. We bring the clients to you. Thousands of authors, aspiring writers and small publishers visit The Book Cover Designer every month, looking for pre-made book covers.
  2. All you have to do is upload your covers in accordance to our guidelines (you can find them below).
  3. We let you choose how much you sell your covers for as low as $49 dollars +. We spend $$ on promoting your work, so you don’t have to.


We pay all of our cover artists a flat rate of 70% per sale. ¬†So if you sell a cover for $100 (remember, you choose the price of your covers), you’ll receive $70. Payments are processed via PayPal each Monday. Please note: We require an invoice for the payment. All invoices received by Sunday evening will be paid on Monday.

Step by Step

1. Register¬†for an account. Remember to tick the box that says ‘Apply to become a designer’.

2. Submit your covers for review in accordance with our cover artist guide. Using AI is strictly forbidden. This includes AI posing as stock. Please read the guidelines.

3. When you make a sale, you’ll be notified automatically by email. Sometimes, the author will have added a note to the order with their name, book title, subtitle, etc. If this is the case, add the text to the cover and then email the cover to the author using the email address from the order invoice. If the author hasn’t specified a name or title, you have to contact them via email and ask what they would like you to do. Some authors want the cover as is and prefer to add the text themselves.

4. Get paid. Every Monday, we send out payments via PayPal. We pay you 70% of the net sale price (which you set yourself). So, if you sold one cover for $50 on Tuesday and another for $50 on Friday, we’ll send $70 (70% of $100) to your designated PayPal address the following Monday (your invoice for the deposit is required by Sunday evening).

Questions about any of this? Contact us.

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