I can’t recommend The Book Cover Designer enough for finding high-quality cover art. The website was super easy to use, and the cover artist I worked with (Blazing Covers) was wonderfully responsive and super helpful. Great website, great artists, completely happy with the experience.

by Robert Lenz

I enjoyed working with The Book Cover Designer. They had listed a premade cover that exactly fit my story. The price was reasonable and the quality was excellent. Customizing was a breeze.

I strongly recommend this provider.

by Chandra Shekhar

Easy to use site, lots of great cover ideas, fast turnaround, reasonably priced. I’ll be back!

by Saskia Walker

This is a fabulous site that put me in touch with one of the best designers I’ve worked with. The site is easy to use and I was able to find a lot of wonderful options for my novel Aphrodite’s Choice. I will definitely be using The Book Cover Designer in the future.

by Christy English

“The site was easy to use, with lots of covers. My orders were completed promptly and I was thrilled with the results.”

by Vered Ehsani

“I purchased a book cover using this site from designer Orina Kafe. Completely satisfied with the design. It was art, not just graphics. Loved it.”

by R. Dean Taylor

“The covers on your site are stunning and affordable. I have been putting out my books for a long time, and the new covers I recently purchased have dramatically increased interest in my books. I will be back frequently. Rocking Book Covers will be my designer going forward.”

by Terry M. West

“I used The Book Cover Designer for a premade cover. There were many great covers to choose from. The designer whose cover I chose contacted me right away. The entire process went very smoothly. I highly recommend the site for indie authors!”

by Linda Covella

“I love my new book cover, it looks awesome. Working with the artist was a breeze and she was very responsive and prompt. Will definitely be coming back for the next book.”

by M.P. VanderLoon

“This was my first experience with The Book Cover Designer. Lots of great book covers to choose from! Valdas Miskinis from PastFuture did a beautiful job and I had my cover in less than twenty four hours!”

by MJ Donnery

“I needed a cover quickly for an anthology I was releasing and went to the pre-made covers section of The Book Cover Designer. Not only did I find the perfect cover, but I got a fantastic deal on it, and received the finished cover with the title and author added within 48 hours. I highly recommend this site!”

by Christopher Valin

“This was my first experience with your site. I didn’t know a site like this existed and I was thrilled to find so much fine and beautiful and appropriate art at my fingertips. I found the searching process easy – a little overwhelming at first because of the vast number of choices – but organized and fun to sift through the options. I found many covers that could fit my book and had a hard time whittling it down, so I bought my top three, knowing I could use the extras for other projects.

The artist (betibup) was quick in responding when I wanted the font and color of the font different.

Overall, it was a very good experience.”

by Laurie Johnson