Artistic Studio Strip

When a design/cover is sold, it will be taken off the site and will no longer be for sale.

Only certain designs are available for paperback/full-wrap covers!

Each cover can be available in/with:

– JPEG or PNG format

– Any specified dimensions, though the default is 1600 x 2400

– Changes to the colors or fonts

– Additional taglines or subtitles

When ordering, please send the author name, title, and any changes you would like to be made to the cover to (We won’t receive your information if you place it in the notes/comments when ordering!) MAJOR changes to the cover will NOT be available.

If you would like to add the type yourself and touch it up to your liking without worry of the words, we can send you the base image upon request. If you do not wish for any extra customization, the cover will be sent with the simple text information provided.

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