I provide professional book cover art & design with affordable rates.

I use my own photos, art and copyright-free images for my book covers, but every book cover design is exclusive for one author only and will not be sold again.

If you want to purchase a cover, please provide your book title, author name, tagline/second title and/or other necessary text you want for your cover. My covers are usually large in size (2270x3508px), but I will also send you the standard e-book size. I will then send the cover in jpeg and png format to your e-mail address. I will do up to five (5) font and font color changes, but if you have your own font or want to add the text yourself, I can send you just the base design instead.

I can make a full paperback print/Createspace cover (with back cover, spine) for additional $$. I can also do a mockup of your book for only $5.00.

For custom designs and other questions, send me an e-mail at

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