My name is Serena Daphn. I make premade and custom covers.
Contact me:

if you want a…

01. The cover is available at any size you want, but the standard size I use is 1563×2500.
It comes with the JPG or PNG format. If you want another format (TIFF, PSD, etc) please let me know in your message and I can certainly provide you.
03. Changes could be made for extra cost of $5 per change to be paid before I start designing. For example, if you want another font with a different color, the cost will be $10.
04. The wraparound (cover, spine + back) is available for an extra cost of $30+ (depending on the cover) to be paid before I start designing.
05. Please include the authors name, book title, and any other additional text such as subtitles.

if you want a…

01. If you’re interested in a custom cover, please contact me at
02. Provide me a picture if you want something specific.
03. Include the authors name, book title, subtitle, ideas (what you want on your cover) and the summary of the book.

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