Atlas Rising (ebook, paperback available)


An Alien prince ready to conquer… ready to fill the cover of your next alien romance story. Paperback cover is available as a side order, you can see the design in the product gallery.

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“Atlas Rising” was designed in 1800x 2700 pixel, 300 dpi resolution as ebook cover.

A customizable paperback cover, designed as you see in the mock up, is available for purchasing for additional 50 usd (paypal fees excluded) to be sent to my own paypal in advance. I can do minor changes as adding a tagline,  a publishing house logo or a space for your ISBN barcode for free. The mock up you see here will be sent along with the paperback cover as a freebie.

For my covers I use either my own hand-drawn illustrations or my DAZ3D renders, often creating my own characters with the latter. This means if you are interested in having a cover for a sequel, promotional artwork or internal illustrations,  there’s often the possibility of using the same rendered character/s for realizing what you want. I do offer additional services for character design art, illustration scenes, bookmarks, promotional posters or banners.  If you have any questions, or you want a custom made bookcover,  feel free to contact me on Instagram at @anthebookcoverdesign05.


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I am an illustrator from Italy that absolutely loves work in watercolor and studied book cover design and illustration at The International School Of Comics.

All my book cover designs are based on illustrations I have made by hand for that particular design, so your cover will have an entirely unique look.