‘Blue Belle’ eBook/paperback, plus extras. Package deal.


A Beauty and the Beast Retelling.  Belle, her ‘Red’ book now a butterfly; her imagination taking flight. She’s removed the ribbon constraining her hair, yet holds on to it, not yet ready to let it go completely.  The deer, another nod to her innocence.

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This is a set package to include the eBook: 1500×2400 (5x8inches) 300 dpi, the print cover (made up to specific size required) a 3D mock up, tablet mock up, and a Facebook banner. The added bonus of the original composite for the cover design will be yours as well.

All fonts can be changed, and if you have a specific font in mind please let me know. This cover package is one-of-a-kind and will only be sold once.
Please send me the information required for the eBook cover, including title, author name, and series name/tagline. I’ll then format the eBook, 3D mock up, tablet mock up, and Facebook banner. Print book details will also be required: book size, page count, spine text, blurb etc, though if you aren’t at the print book stage, I can format it at a later date.

If you have any questions please contact me sarahhosken@icloud.com
More covers available at https://weftandweave.weebly.com
(please allow up to 24hours for a reply)



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