Breaking Curses


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Please read before placing your order:

  • This cover is unique and once it is sold, will never be offered again on any platform.
  • It is part of a set of 3 (Learning Curses, Speaking Curses, Breaking Curses) but can be purchased as a stand alone.
  • Please indicate your book title, author name, and series name (if applicable)¬†at the time of your purchase.
  • If one is not already included and you would like to add either a series name, subtitle or tagline– I will add one free of charge. (Note: this may change some font/graphic sizes in the final design.)
  • After your purchase you will receive one ebook-ready JPG of the front cover and a print-ready PDF, if needed).
  • I offer PDFs with back covers for an additional charge.
  • I will consider minor alterations to predesigned front covers for free (font, font color, or slight position changes).
    If you have any questions before purchase, please use the Product Enquiry form below.Thanks so much for your business!

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