BC 68 Castle of Magic


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1. Unique design, all sold only once
2. High-resolution JPEG
3. Text editing & alteration
4. Minor design changes
5. 3D rendering of a print book

6.Stock images license – Shutterstock, 123rf and etc.


  • I deliver it on Yours e-mail address.
  •  Send a JPG file,PDF and FONT (zip) with we transfer.
  • Time is between 2-3 days. If i am really busy is may have delay you will be notice.
  • Please provide your book title and author name (and optional tag-line or other text) upon purchasing.

Feel free to contact with me or if you have more questions!

Possible to make seria!

Product Enquiry


It’s time for me to introduce myself.

I am 24 years old from a small country called Bulgaria, but I live in northern England. I have been creating book covers, photo manipulation, flyers and other products for nearly 10 years. It all started as a hobby when I was young and it became an obsession. Did you have a calling which you couldn’t ignore and give up on?

In Bulgaria, I taught Photoshop and CorelDraw to young students.

When I’m not working, like most young people I like to enjoy myself. I go to the gym, read books, listen to music (mostly funk) and I travel. I am currently studying English, Mathematics, and soon, Inbound Marketing. My main goal is to enroll in a Graphic Design-Print course or an internship.

Thank you.

My website: https://www.ldormishev.com/