Lost Realm of the Moons


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In the price included are the following services that I will provide to you as you request:

  • Replace book titles & author name with yours for you
  •  Format adjustments
  •  Change overall color scheme
  •  Change hair, eye, clothing colors and an object color

If you need any other adjustments there might be additional fees.

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I’m Julia (Lunaryx Design), a freelance photo illustrator from the southwest of Germany. My artistic passion lies in the fantasy genre, especially dark, paranormal, and urban fantasy. I focus on character and object-based artwork, which has a pinch of darkness to it, but glows within.
When I work on custom book covers, most of all I enjoy personalising my artwork while working closely together with the author, finding out important details, discovering the message behind their story and finding ways to implement that in my art.