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Draw your audience into a world of magic and mystery with our captivating young adult urban fantasy book cover! Immerse yourself in modern enchantment, hidden realms, and teenage heroes. Perfect for urban fantasy, magical realism, and young adult fantasy novels. Elevate your story with vibrant visuals that resonate with young readers. Stand out on bookshelves with our expertly crafted cover art tailored for the YA audience. Get your premade urban fantasy cover today!

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This is the eBook version of the premade cover.  The text shown (blurb, title, author’s name) can be changed to fit your story but not the font itself.  Each cover is one-of-a-kind and will only be sold once.

A paperback version exists and you can see it on my website ( The price for the paperback is as shown on my website ( If you need a paperback cover for your book then please note that I will need: the desired book size (5×8, 6×9 etc), your page count, spine text you want me to include, and the blurb. Generally speaking, the sizes I upload here are either for 5×8 trim size or 6×9, however adjustments can be made.

Please keep in mind the following:

This is a premade book cover where minor adjustments can be made, primarily to the text. With the purchase of this design you are also purchasing exclusive commercial rights to use as your book’s cover. You are not purchasing the rights to the artwork or the models that appear within it. In other words, the  book cover design rights remains with me.

At the moment, and for premades only, I can only offer ebook and paperback services as well as a standard 3D mockup for marketing and advertising purposes. Due to workload, I cannot (at the moment) offer my services for your audiobook cover, bookmarks, or social media banners. For 3D mockups the price is $25. If you already have a spine or a back cover I will need them to create your mockup. If not, please visit my site ( to see the costs for a paperback.

If you need any of the services mentioned above, please contact me before the purchase.

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] with the subject title “Premade Book Cover Request.” I kindly ask that you allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

You may not sell the cover to a third party. You may not apply changes to the cover, either on your own or with the help of anyone else, without my consent. You may not use this cover for AI learning purposes.

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Chris Sarantopoulos is the designer behind DreamIn Digital Dreams. Though a writer himself, Chris had always liked drawing and designing things, and when he learned to do it digitally he decided to diversify and pursue his second favourite art form: design. What better way than to combine his love for writing with that of digital design?

Not sure if the cover you chose is the best for you? Message me and we’ll figure things out together.

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