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Purchase includes:
Cover design for ebook (various sizes)
Hi-res illustration (exclusive license)

Please inquire about other designs. See examples in the gallery further down the page.

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Various examples of how to make use of your illustration (included) and design ideas you can inquire about (reasonable pricing).

Product Enquiry

Book covers at Tegnemaskin

Purchase includes:

  • Cover design for the ebook, paperback, and audiobook.
  • Exclusive license on the cover artwork
  • Please inquire about other designs (hardcover, desktop background, web banner, bookmark, etc.). Fair pricing!

What you get:

  • We’ll replace the placeholder text with yours.
  • Change to another font if you like?
  • You’ll receive a unique ebook cover that will never be sold again.
  • Quick response and delivery time!
  • Some authors just want the illustration only, and desire to handle any typography themselves. Let me know, and I’ll mail the hi-res image to you.

What we need from you:

  • Book title and author name.

Work: Please see
Art: also see my portfolio on Artstation