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Please read thoroughly before ordering. 

Minor changes such as coloring, font, and rearranging elements are free. No image changes. If you need an image changed, additional fees apply. If you need a character added, again, additional fees apply. Any other changes will result in custom cover prices, please refer to my website for pricing.

Please visit my website if you’re looking to order a paperback and/or audio cover for prices.  

Standard eBooks are 1800×2700 pixels (6×9 inches at 300 DPI).

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Please read before ordering! 

I can make minor changes to the cover as per request.

If you want the full wrap, please contact me.

All covers are 6×9 with a 300dpi and I can send a lower resolution with a small extra charge.

Once the cover is sold, it will never appear again.

I do not send source files.