• What’s inside the package if you buy this eBook cover?
    • One 6×9 inches (1800×2700 pixels) eBook cover
    • Professional Photoshop painting and blending to enhance the quality of model(s) and background
    • Professional typographic design
    • Up to two sets of revisions for typography ONLY (altering fonts, colors, and style)
    • BONUS: Three 3-D images for marketing purposes (one smart phone, one tablet, and one of them together)
    • BONUS: One audio book cover
    • BONUS: One title graphic page for your eBook

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Hi, and welcome to Novel Cover Art!  Please read the following before ordering:

  • The price listed is for an eBook cover ONLY.
    • I have shown examples of eBook, eBook & paperback, and eBook & hardback. You can only purchase the eBook here, but if you want paperback or hardback, you can go to my website and order them there:
  • Please remember that the product images shown here have SAMPLE TITLES which can be changed as needed.
  • Novel Cover Art often uses images for cover design backgrounds. The cost of this image (if used) is rolled into the final cost of the materials ordered. Novel Cover Art uses a Standard License with  If you need more information for the difference between a Standard License and an Enhanced License, and how they affect you as an author, please go to the link:
  • All copyrights for all book cover designs on all materials given to you belong to Novel Cover Art.
  • By purchasing this image, you agree to credit Novel Cover Art on all occasions the image is used (eBook, paperback, hardback, marketing, etc.)
  • I retain the right to post this image in my portfolio and online galleries.
  • You cannot re-sell this image to any third party whatsoever, or offer free download of the high-resolution final files on the internet
  • The character images are created in DAZ Studio and are 100% exclusive to Novel Cover Art only. NO ONE else has these images, making them unique to your cover design.
  • Once you purchase a book cover design, it will be removed from this site and my website. No one else will be able to use it
  • When your project is complete, Novel Cover Art will not send the source files (i.e., the program(s) that the project(s) was originally created in)
  • You are entirely responsible for proofing all the materials you receive from Novel Cover Art. Please ensure you are 100% positive that no other changes are needed to the artwork or text upon receipt of your materials.  Once the final files are sent, there will be no changes to the­­ materials without a pre-agreed upon fee.   Also, it is greatly suggested that you ask for a proof print from the printer before publishing or ordering any copies of your designed materials.
  • All watermarks will be removed from the final product. Your final files will be high resolution 300 DPI, and ready to use and print.  Files will be either in JPEG or PDF format, whichever you prefer.
  • If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from me in over 48 hours.


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