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The end of the line.

Cyberpunk meets Fantasy with an elf in the cyberpunk themed station.

Please note the following before purchasing:

Firstly thank you for your interest in the book cover artwork, if you have any questions outside of the terms below or seek further clarification, please feel free to contact me.

This image size is 3000 by 4500 pixels (6 by 9 ratio) at 300 dpi. Other sizes can be created such as Amazon standard 1600 x 2560 pixels etc. on request but please be aware that changes to book cover size may require adjustments to the contents of the image, so the original image may slightly differ when resizing occurs. A preview image will be created for the required artwork prior to purchase.

Typography: Type Font and Placement in this book cover are for example only. Changes to the Font used. Font Size. Placement & Font Colour by the purchaser are considered to be part of the purchase price*

Resizing: Changing the image size from 3000 by 4500 to other standard formats (Amazon 1600 by 2560 pixels, Apple Books 1400 by 1873 and Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Draft2Digital book sizes 1600 by 2400) is considered to be part of the purchase price, the image will be kept as close to original image artwork as possible, as changing the image size can affect the overall image composition slightly, a resized preview image will be created for the required artwork prior to purchase.


Up to two minor changes (beyond resizing) such as minor changes such as Color Tone, Lighting or Coloration will be made for free, after this all changes may incur an additional cost.
Significant changes such as changes to major elements of the image. Will be treated as a custom cover request and may be charged accordingly, work in this case will only be undertaken once an agreement of work and pricing has been reached.
Book covers are based on multiple commercially available 3D rendered assets created in Daz Studio. It is Not/Legally  possible to send/transfer these 3D assets
I will not send image source files, assets or Photoshop .psd files. Artwork will be supplied in .PNG, TIFF or .JPG format with or without text as requested.
The book cover image May Not be resold to any third party, and will be withdrawn from this site once purchase is complete.

By purchasing this cover you agree to the terms stated above, as well as the standard terms of this site.

*Font Type changes may be subject to a charge if the requested font requires a licence purchase in order to be used, in this case purchaser will be informed prior to any changes.

Product Enquiry

All images are created in 3D software (Daz Studio) from multiple commercially available products and then rendered into a series of 2D outputs that are complied, enhanced and over-painted in Photoshop, this process may also contain private Artbreeder background images that are used as part of the image creation process, this allows for the potential for changes to images and camera point rapidly.

It is not possible to supply the 3d created file/assets, so please don’t ask.

Cover are normally supplied by direct email to the purchaser, should other methods to transfer be required, please let me know and I will seek to comply with that method (issues of image size can sometimes affect transfer or receipt of the image with certain email or cloud storage providers).

Happy to answer any questions or inquiries.