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-Cover size is 1600X2650 pixels,and 300 dpi the ideal size for an Amazon cover.

-Cover will be delivered via e-mail, with text and no text after purchase.

-If you want a full wrap (paperback) please provide the page count.A full wrap will cost an extra 35$

-3 small changes,such as fonts,colors or small elements can be made on demand,FOR FREE.

-I do take custom orders.Price for a custom cover is 199$,ebook AND paperback

-The cover is using material from Neostock,Pixabay,Pexels,Shutterstock and my own photos.

-Any cover of mine is sold ONLY ONCE.No one else will have that same cover,NEVER.

-You will receive the cover AND a cover reveal made in the size of your choosing,as a FREE GIFT!!!

-Be sure to check out my other covers,and thanks for visiting my shop.

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I’m a photgrapher/graphic designer who loves to read.I put my passions together,and now i’m offering you covers made with care and love at reasonable prices,who will let your books shine.