The Macaroon Theory


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Cover size : A4 2480×3508 px, RGB, 300 dpi, JPG format but can be changed if needed.

While purchasing, please send me your book title and author’s name (and if you want other text).
The font type, position and colors can be changed upon request for free. I can make small adjustments for free.
More complicated modifications can require an extra cost (paypal+paypal fees).

If you prefer, I can also send you the image without text.

The cover is unique and will only be sold one time.
The price takes into account the time spent on the cover, its complexity and the price of the software/materials used (I pay for Photoshop and the photos used).

You must put my name (Mylène Charpentier) as cover artist on or in the book. You don’t have the right to resell the cover itself to a third party.

Please, send me the link of the final product so I can share it !

Product Enquiry

My name is Mylène and I’m a French Self-taugh Illustrator. I create photomanipulations and digital paintings.

Here You’ll find various premade covers I made.  They’re unique and only sold one time.

For more informations or custom covers, You can contact me here or by email to

You can also find me here : (in French)