Trapped in Time


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Thank you for choosing this original cover design It will be YOUR- one of a kind-original cover- and will not be sold again

Cover size is 6×9” 1800 x 2700 pixels-300 dpi- JPG- RGB color If you require a different size or format please inform me before I send you the finished file

Provide me upon purchasing:  Your book title and the author name plus any other text such as sub title, tagline, series name or quotes

4 Minor changes to the cover text are included: Different fonts, Different text colors, Different positioning of text on image.

Be sure of your changes as after 4 changes additional changes will be charged 15.00 per (if you have other changes please contact me before ordering to see they are doable or will require an extra charge)

Major changes to the image or additional design elements will be considered a custom cover and be charged as such. For custom cover prices please use the enquiry form or contact me

A basic paperback spine and back for a print cover is 60.00 If additional imagery or custom design is required on the back please contact me for a price quote.

Audio book cover, 3D promotional images and other media promotional material  are available. If you are interested in additional designs or custom cover design please contact me for info and pricing direct at

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This e cover is unique to you and will not be resold. Unless you need a different size it is the standard size of 1800 x 2700 – 300 JPG in RGB color mode. Contact me if you need a different size or file format.

Please send me your title and author name. Also include any other text  such as  a subtitle , tagline or quote.

Let me know if you want a different font or text color . Up to 3 small changes are included in the purchase price. This might include re positioning text and other established design elements . Please let me know what you want and I’ll let you know if it is considered a minor change. Over 3 changes or major alterations should be discussed and a price agreed upon before doing. Contact me here or at

A basic spine and back for a paperback wrap cover is 50.00 . Please contact me to discuss.

I  also can do audio book cover- 25.00 and 3D promotional images- 10.00 each and other marketing images such as banners and ads.