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10% Back-To-School SALE on ALL book covers!

ATTENTION, AUTHORS! We have some very exciting news for you!

We’ll be hosting a new sale here, at The Book Cover Designer! Since we received tons and tons of requests to do another big sale after our massive 20% sale back in June, we’ve decided to do another one and it’s coming your way this September!

Currently we have over 7,000 pre-made covers on The Book Cover Designer catalog. And you’ll have the chance to get any of these covers on a 10% sale between the 15th and the 30th of September! That’s right – 10% off of any cover!

Keep your eyes open for the special coupon code. We’ll publish it on the top of the homepage on the 15th! Don’t miss your chance on getting your next bestseller’s perfect book cover on the special 10% Back-To-School discount for all book covers in all genres!

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2 thoughts on “10% Back-To-School SALE on ALL book covers!

  1. I purchased a cover last week and then found another one I wanted to buy this week. But when I entered the promo code (BACK2SCHOOL), it said I couldn’t use it since I already had on my prior order. If the sale applies to ALL covers, shouldn’t we be able to use it as many times as we want within the approved timeframe? I don’t always buy everything all at once…sometimes I need time to think about it 🙂

    1. Hi, Becky! The coupon code is indeed for all covers – it doesn’t matter if you have one or five covers in your shopping cart at checkout. However, the codes are limited to 1 per person. This means that you can use the coupon for only one purchase (regardless of the number of covers being purchased). Since you’ve already used it once, you can’t use it again.

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