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Why it’s important for you to choose the right typography?

How typography can make a change? Why does a bad typography make a good cover design look bad? What does a good font do? How can you make a best-selling design by focusing on the typography? Why is the text so important?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the above stated questions? If you want to be a best-selling book cover designer, then you should know the answers. Today we want to offer you some tips and tricks on the importance of typography and the tremendous ways in which a simple font can change the overall design of any book cover.

Let’s start with the term “typography”. It’s not just some text. The stylization of font itself is a form of art, just like the rest of your cover design. Coming up with the perfect concept, using the ideal tools and presenting the best visual design for the cover you want to sell isn’t an easy task. Unfortunately, even if your design catches the attention of the next New York Times best-selling author, your chances of selling it will be slimmed down to nothing if your typography sucks. Why? It’s actually quite simple.

By default a book cover shouldn’t be taken up by big chunks of text. The book’s title, the author’s name, a subtitle, a tagline or a quote are all you need. And that’s exactly the reason why it’s so important to focus on those blurbs and texts. Potential readers want an eye-catching cover with an eye-catching title. This means that the author needs an eye-catching cover with an eye-catching stylization for the title and for the rest of the blurbs. Here, at The Book Cover Designer, we require a standard mock-up writing (Book Title/ Author Name/ etc.) so that authors and publishing houses can get a clear idea of what your design will look like on their books. If the fonts you chose are boring, difficult to read, too small, too murky and colored inappropriately, your design won’t be bought.

Here are some tips on choosing the right typography:

  • Don’t use your OS’s default fonts. They are boring, they are over-used and they lack the possibilities custom fonts can offer.
  • Browse for some ideas and resources on websites like,,,
  • Be creative! There’s more to typography than just using a pre-made font. Use your creativity when it comes to colors, styles and effects.
  • Pay attention to sizing and spacing. The ideal book cover typography should have the Book Title in a big, sharp, easily readable size, and it should be eye-catching even as a thumbnail.

Choosing the right typography is just as important as coming up with a best-selling design. The font is basically the thing that represents your cover. It gives your design that final touch, which helps you sell your covers faster.

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