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Mass 20% SALE on ALL book covers in June!

To all authors out there – we have prepared something exciting for you this June – a mass 20% sale on all book covers on The Book Cover Designer website!
What’s so special about this sale? Well, it’s actually a competitive game. We will give out a total of 72 discount coupon codes between 1.06.2016 and 30.06.2016. Each code will give you a 20% discount on any book cover regardless of its price. There will be a new coupon code for each new week of June.
So, what’s the catch and why is it competitive? There are limited coupons for each week and the numbers are varying per week. The limited coupon codes will be as following:
1st week of June (from 1.06 to 05.06) – 8 coupons SOLD OUT!
2nd week of June (from 06.06 to 12.06) – 16 coupons SOLD OUT!
3rd week of June (from 13.06 to 19.06) – 24 coupons SOLD OUT!
4th week of June (from 20.06 to 26.06) – 16 coupons SOLD OUT!
5th week of June (from 27.06 to 30.06) – 8 coupons SOLD OUT!


You’ll find each new coupon code listed at the top of TBCD’s homepage. Each coupon will have a Summer-related theme, so keep your eyes open for each week’s new code! Discover the codes with each new week and use them to get 20% discount on any book cover!
*The 20% sale starts on the 1st of June. Don’t forget – there’s a new code each week!


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5 thoughts on “Mass 20% SALE on ALL book covers in June!

  1. Are the ones this week sold out already? the sailboat16 one didn’t work for me

    1. Hi Rita,

      That’s my fault for not setting up the code correctly. It’s fixed and should work now!


  2. Hi – when do the 4th week coupons come out?

    1. Hi, Vered! The new coupon code was issued about an hour ago. It’s displayed on the orange header on top of the page.
      – Yvonne

      1. Got it! Thanks

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