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More African American covers wanted!

Attention, book cover designers!

We introduced a new feature on The Book Cover Designer website earlier this month – a search bar for tags. We conducted a vast study on what authors and publishing houses are looking for in a book cover and the results from the searched tags and key words showed that there is a significant demand for covers with African American models – something we’re currently lacking in.

Here, at The Book Cover Designer website, each designer can sell his or her covers at the best possible terms and conditions. You can choose the genres, the themes, the prices and the conditions on which you’re selling your designs. Which is exactly why we’re asking you to consider submitting more covers with African American models. If you decide to submit more African American covers, keep in mind that you should tag them with as many and as specific tag words as possible (e.g. African American, ebony), so that authors and publishing houses can find your designs easier. You can read more about the search bar and how you can benefit from it on our blog right here –

We look forward to seeing your new submissions!


P. S.: As always, it will take up to 72 hours for us to review your submissions. In case you have submitted more than a few covers at once, we will approve them in batches of 4 or 5 so that our front page won’t be overloaded by only one designer’s creations.

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4 thoughts on “More African American covers wanted!

  1. I would like to make these

    Where are the requirements?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Ashley! Here are our terms and conditions:

      1. Okay, thank you – How do I go about finding clients etc?

        1. TBCD has a tremendous traffic in authors and publishing houses from all over the world. You can sell your covers here and use social media to promote your designs.

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