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NEW FEATURE – a search bar for tag words

We’re super excited to announce that we’re introducing a brand new feature on The Book Cover Designer – a search bar for tags!

Our catalog with pre-made book covers currently stores more than 6,000 ebook and paperback/hardcover book covers designed by hundreds of vendors. Each cover is submitted into up to 4 various genre categories from a total of 17 genre categories, which makes browsing for that one special best-selling cover a bit slow. Thus, we have decided to finally introduce the search bar – something not only designers, but also authors have been suggesting for a while. You can find the new search bar located on the side bar of the catalog with pre-made covers – it’s right between the Genres and Featured Artists tabs.

The search bar allows you to easily navigate through the thousands of pre-made book covers when you’re looking for something particular. For example, if you want to browse for covers with red-haired models, you can simply search for the “redhead” or “red hair” tag. If you’re looking for that perfect Fantasy-slash-Romance cover, try out the “paranormal romance” tag – you get the idea. The search bar will help you navigate easily through the thousands of book covers and will help you find the perfect cover for your next book.


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