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HOW TO SELL MORE COVERS – Your Ultimate Guide


How To Sell More Covers – Your Ultimate Guide


How to become a best-selling cover designer on The Book Cover Designer website?

We know you want to start selling more covers on the website and making more profits through your creations. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that will help you become a best-selling designer.


  1.    Step one: Quality over Quantity

It may sound like a cliché, but when your clients (authors or publishing houses) look for a cover, they don’t want to see a portfolio filled with hundreds of pre-made book covers. They want to see quality covers and they won’t care if you have 30 or 50 pre-mades on your page, as long as the final results are outstanding. Don’t upload tons of covers at once hoping they will get sold faster because their number is high. Submit the creations you’re satisfied with and aim higher with each new book cover.

  1.    Step two: Avoid being too specific

If you have a concept for your cover, which includes tons of specific elements, you’re lowering your chances of getting your cover sold. What does this mean? For example, if you design a cover that has a romantic couple on it, many authors and publishing houses will be looking forward to buying it. However, if the cover includes the couple, as well as several other people, a background that shows a big city landmark and similar additional elements, you will be lowering the chances for a client to be searching for the exact same concept that you had in mind when you designed your cover. The less specific and less “overcrowded” a cover is, the faster it will get sold.

  1.    Step three: Submit in the right category

Always submit your book covers in the right categories. This way when a client is browsing through his/her ideal category, he/she will find your cover easily.

  1.    Step four: Pay attention to typography

Designing the images for your covers is your main focus as a book cover designer, but don’t underestimate the effect a nice typography has. Pay attention to the fonts you want to use, their style, colors and effects. They will represent the author’s name and book title, which means they have to be eye-catching and bring the reader’s attention, as well as the author’s one.

  1.    Step five: Be creative

Creativity is what authors and publishing houses are looking for. They want something fresh that will make the books stand out. Be creative when designing your book covers and they will grab your potential clients’ attention.

  1.    Step six: Promote your covers

Use social media, forums, and other websites to promote your own work. If you have a Twitter account, follows us so that we can feature your name and a link to your profile in the daily cover updates we post in order to promote our designers. Use your personal and professional social media accounts to insert links to your designer page on The Book Cover Designer website and don’t be shy about displaying your book covers.

You can follow us on Twitter: @TheBkCvrDesignr and Facebook: The Book Cover Designer

  1.    Step seven: Don’t forget to have fun

Being a book cover designer can bring you a sufficient amount of income, especially if your covers are selling fast. Regardless of your current success on our website, don’t forget to have fun while coming up with new designs for book covers. It will show in the final results!


If you’d like to stay tuned on daily updates on book covers, designers and all things related to the website, you can follow us on Facebook: The Book Cover Designer and Twitter: @TheBkCvrDesignr



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