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10% SALE on all book covers in June!

ATTENTION, AUTHORS! We are excited to announce a new mass 10% sale on ALL book covers in June!

Throughout the entire month of June ALL book covers on The Book Cover Designer website will be on 10% discount! So, how can you get your discount? Here’s where the fun part comes along. We’ll issue a total of 100 coupon codes for the 10% discount. There will be a new coupon code for each new week of June.

1st week of June (from 1.06 to 04.06) – 20 coupons SOLD OUT!
2nd week of June (from 5.06 to 11.06) – 20 coupons SOLD OUT!
3rd week of June (from 12.06 to 18.06) – 20 coupons SOLD OUT!
4th week of June (from 19.06 to 25.06) – 20 coupons SOLD OUT!
5th week of June (from 26.06 to 30.06) – 20 coupons SOLD OUT!

The special coupon codes will be released each week on our social media accounts and on the website’s home page. How can you use them? It’s easy! You just have to type them in the special field at checkout in order to get your discount. You’ll be able to get any book cover on 10% discount with these coupon codes regardless of the cover’s original price!

Each coupon code will have a Summer-related theme, so keep your eyes open for each week’s new code! Discover the codes and use them to get 10% discount on any book cover between 1.06.2017 and 30.06.2017!

If you’d like to stay tuned on daily updates on book covers, designers and all things related to the website, you can follow us on Facebook: The Book Cover Designer and Twitter: @TheBkCvrDesignr 

2 thoughts on “10% SALE on all book covers in June!

  1. does this 10 percent come off of your commission or the designers commission??

    1. Hi,

      It comes off our commission.


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