Adrijana is digital artist and book cover designer from Croatia who use Photoshop and different photos to compose and create her own art. She manipulates photos through a lot of layers to get composition, lighting and colors she have in mind. She loves to create fantasy and dark fantasy moments with the combination of strong light and shadow.

She often combines strong with saturated colors to create her vision of that world. She likes to show the motion and capture the moment so that the viewer has the feeling of peeking in someone else’s world.

And for a moment, she is a part of that world to…


Every cover is made by me so you can be sure you not buying just photo from the Internet.


My covers are made from different stocks and brushes  and that makes them unique.


My covers are not generic.

They are made from different stock images and brushes.

You can check a credits and a sources for the stocks/brushes I used on my Deviant Art page


I try to build friendly relationship with my clients and to work closely with them to create the cover they want. Every cover is very important to me and I want my clients to be happy with the final result because I am aware of how are they are proud of their work.

For creating custom cover for you contact me on:


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