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Minor changes are free such as font and coloring. Any other changes are subject to extra costs. If you need major changes, I suggest ordering a custom cover since those changes are subject to custom cover charges listed on my website.

I will not send the original images used in the manipulation of this book cover. All image rights remain with me. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours after the sale, please check your spam folder.

I do NOT send source files. If you must have them, the cost is 3x what the book cover is sold for. Removing text will be subject to additional fees. 
DO NOT sell to a third party. My covers are 100% human designed. 
By purchasing this cover you agree to the terms and conditions of The Book Cover Designer and what’s listed on my website.

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I can make minor changes to the cover as per request.

If you want the full wrap, please contact me.

All covers are 6×9 with a 300dpi and I can send a lower resolution with a small extra charge.

Once the cover is sold, it will never appear again.

I do not send source files.